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Brittany, Shelby, Jonathan and Tyler  Who Is ABM?

“Who is ABM?” This very question was proposed to four current students…

ABM Ministries is a group of believers, vessels for the Spirit’s use, who display the fruit of the Spirit on a daily basis. “Teaching by example the Christian way of life”, our mission statement, is a reality, not just mere words. The staff lives here with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, showing us how God expects his children to handle everyday situations. Not only that, but we also see the staff’s reaction to what the world would label “emergencies.” Floods, blackouts, ice storms-these are just a taste of the obstacles we’ve faced so far. We’ve yet to see, however, the staff showing the whites of their eyes in panic. Through it all, they cling to the promises given in God’s Word, offering a hope that we, the students, can do the same.
Answered by: Brittany, Shelby, Jonathan and Tyler

My husband and I have been acquainted with ABM Ministries for about nine years. Our son attended the school nine years ago and our daughter is presently a student at ABM. Our experience with ABM has been a positive one. The way that ABM was originated and the way that it has grown throughout the years is a blessing to all who have benefited from the hard work of the founders of the school and all those who have worked diligently to build a fine Christian boarding school.

We believe that ABM provides a place where its students are able to finish growing mentally, physically and spiritually. There is an emphasis on the whole person with an excellent school, many varied and enjoyable physical activities, and intensive Bible study.

It is our opinion that ABM is a safe haven for troubled teens. The structured environment, clear boundaries and Biblically based way that the students are dealt with provide an alternative for teens that need a safe place to finish maturing and to focus on building a healthy, wholesome, and Godly life.

Rob & June

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